Economic and Business Development Base Camp Program at Sprout CoWorking


Funding of start-ups and entrepreneurs through the Base Camp Program allows supporting organizations to advance corporate initiatives and philanthropic goals and to directly support economic and business development in Rhode Island.

Base Camp funders will underwrite one year at Sprout CoWorking for selected start-ups and entrepreneurs.  This provides a business resource that may be used as a place to work, hold meetings and run programs.  Development, support and broad based opportunities for collaboration will also be available.  Selection of participants can be made by Sprout on standard criteria and/or Funder criteria. Funders may also select participants or create innovation programs for participants focused on corporate objectives and initiatives.

Sprout CoWorking will cooperate with funders’ public relations, marketing, community outreach and innovation efforts as requested to highlight the cohort members that they have sponsored.


What we do:

  • Identify and select startups and entrepreneurs meeting success and sustainability criteria
  • Provide 24/7 access to work and meeting space to selected businesses for a full year
  • Provide access to business growth and support services such as:
      • Other business with experiences to share
      • Incubator program
      • Business Advisors Collaborative
      • Numerous business and community programs
      • Official business address


What you do:

    • Purchase funding credits
    • Provide custom selection criteria if desired
    • Engage with growing businesses as desired
    • Support local economic and business growth


Selection criteria:

    • Written business description including:
      • Clear value proposition
      • High level financial pro forma
    • Willingness to work with a mentor/advisor and participate in growth and development programs
    • Business based in Rhode Island
    • Specific Sponsor criteria


Funding Credit Options:

Available in Platinum, Gold and Silver funding levels, you can choose to support 4, 10, or 16 growing businesses.

    • Platinum – one $30,000 opportunity available to support 16 growing businesses for a full year
    • Gold – three $20,000 opportunities available to support 10 growing businesses for a full year
    • Silver – ten $10,000 opportunities available to support 4 growing businesses for a full year


How To Get Started:

Contact us through the form below.