Magnetic Feminine Magic: Manifest Your Dreams with Kate Gallant

March 7, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Sprout CoWorking Providence
166 Valley St
Bldg 6M, Suite 103, Providence
RI 02909


For: Awakened women who want to tap into their innate power to manifest the next level of love, abundance and success.

Learn how to align with your innate ability to magnetically attract your desires with ease. Most women are not even aware of the choice they have to step into their femininee essence to unlock an experience of life that is overflowing, abundant and full of love. We’ve been conditioned to disconnect from this place of power through methods of striving and control that result in depletion, resentment and burn out. By shifting our energy and our beliefs about what is possible for is we can learn how to align with life and co-create our heart’s desires.

What the workshop includes:
1. Craft a powerful vision for what your next level of success, love and abundance looks like in your life

2. Shift the paradigm for achieving that next level through connection to the Sovereign Woman

3. Call out what barriers women face today that hold them back from creating the life they desire.

4. Powerful next steps for receiving your desire

Goddess Activator and Transformational Coach Kate Gallant coaches conscious entrepreneurs and awakened women to creat their next level of love, abundance and success by stepping into their feminine power. She believes that together, we create a ripple effect that elevates the consciousness of our planet and a brighter future for women everywhere.

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