December 2020 Gallery Openings: Art Window Project / Vera Gierke & Pop-up

In Providence this month:

With special funding for the Take It Outside initiative from RI Commerce, Gallery Night Providence is launching large-scale city-wide activities open to people of all ages that can be accessed safely and conveniently. Partnering with local galleries and shops, Gallery Night has created personal tours across the city. You can walk around at your own convenience and experience the hidden art gems of what Providence has to offer.

Stop by The Gallery at Sprout Providence (166 Valley St, Bldg 6M Ste 103) beginning December 12th and on to view Hannukah artwork created by 3rd grade students in the Jewish Community Day School, plus 5 dancing banner paintings by Marina Katayeva. ⁣⁣Look for a poster and scan the QR code to learn more about the art as well as other art window displays all over Providence. More information on Gallery Night’s new Take It Outside Art Window Project (and family-friendly scavenger hunt!) is available here.

Marina is an artist and a dancer. OR – a dancer and an artist. It was always this way. She always danced and she always painted. Her painting – her charcoal lines and brush strokes – are also dancing. A decade ago, she fell in love with Argentine tango. As result of tango her art bursts with hundreds of tango movements.

Marina’s canvases created the amazing energetic, warm and welcomed atmosphere everyone was expecting. After their first use, these canvases have traveled plenty. They have hung in the legendary Webster Hall in Manhattan. They’ve attended the Boston Tango marathon, and been exhibited at a New Bedford art exhibition, as well as here at the Gallery at Sprout CoWorking last year where for the Gallery Night opening, tango dancers added music and motion for a wonderful tango demonstration.

Marina does not just paint tango dancers. To see more of her work head to the Fox Point Library, on the corner of Wickenden and Ives, to see her fanciful fox mural. Make sure you go down into the courtyard to see the foxes speaking every language spoken in the Fox Point neighborhood!

In Warren this month:

The Gallery at Sprout Warren (489 Main Street) is presenting an exhibition of works by Vera Gierke during the month of December 2020. Vera’s striking collages are constructed of paper, with pieces chosen for color and interest but also for the relevance the fragment brings to the collage subject itself. Her bright and engaging art is intended to be appreciated up close as much as from a distance. 

Due to the Rhode Island “pause” restrictions, Sprout Warren is currently open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-1 for visitors, or by appointment. In addition to collages, the display includes a few photoshop images, some of which were devised from Vera’s collages. Please contact for sales inquiries. You can see more of Vera’s work on her website at Here are some of the pieces on display:

Dec 19th & 20th Pop-up Event: 10am to 4pm

Saturday December 19th and Sunday December 20 there will be a Pop-up shop event at Sprout in Warren featuring Barbara Hecker with jewelry & vintage clothing, plus artists Eran Fraenkel and Kellly Starspangled Brown with artwork.

Remember to wear your mask and stop by to shop local from 10-4.  Happy Holidays!

Sprout is in accordance with the Reopening RI guidelines and is protected by Ocean State Shields. Face masks are required for visitors in our galleries. for more information.