Kristina Pires, Generation Citizen, Rhode Island Program Director

Working at Sprout CoWorking for over a year, I have been consistently impressed with the staff and their attentiveness to our organization’s needs. There is an abundance of work spaces and meeting rooms and the shared office culture is one of collaboration and respect. It is truly a welcoming environment in a great location, with ample networking opportunities!

Dan Collins, ePlus Technology, Sr Director Pre Sales Engineering 

While consolidating offices in RI we were challenged with finding a cost-effective space that allowed us to have access to private offices, conference rooms and additional space as needed, on demand. We also needed to ensure we would not be incurring additional charges for printing, secure internet access, parking, etc. Sprout looked to be the answer.

Elizabeth Townsend, Best Buddies International, Program Manager 

I joined Sprout in April 2019. I have really enjoyed being a part of this dynamic co-working space thus far. Not only does Sprout provide an extremely clean, well-lit and organized space to work, but it also serves as a wonderful way to network with other professionals and participate in fun activities (like workshops and events).

I love coming into the office and seeing the beautiful new artwork every month. Sprout provides excellent handicapped-accessible meeting rooms for our team and our participants. Stacey does an excellent job managing the Providence location, and has created a warm environment for members to connect, collaborate and even eat lunch together! I highly recommend Sprout to anyone who is interested in being a part of a fun and well managed co-working space!

Bill, Corporate Remote Worker 

I find that when I work from home there are too many distractions and I am not nearly as productive as I could be. Sprout has everything that I need in a large, comfortable environment and I can completely focus on work without the distractions of my home environment. 

Micheál O’Dwyer, Icon X Solutions 

As a long time remote, home-office worker, I became increasingly frustrated that there was no boundary between my work and home life. I tried working an hour or two out of the house each day in cafes, but between distractions and terrible (or non existent) wifi, I ended up being even less productive.

I wasn’t in a position where I needed a full-time office, but I did want somewhere I could go to get work done even just for a few hours a day. Sprout provided the perfect solution!

As a Hot Desk member, I feel like I have all the benefits of having my own office space – a reception with the friendliest staff, use of meeting rooms of various sizes for times when I need to meet clients or join conference calls, a kitchen with free coffee, a gallery and event space that is always hosting something interesting, and a community of other like-minded workers. I have been a member for almost three years, and can highly recommend it!

Nicholas Marino, Gregoire Immigration Law, Paralegal

I’ve been working out of Sprout for a little over a year now, and I can’t imagine a better working environment. The people are friendly and the location is close to lots of great West Side spots, like Troop, La Lupita, and Riff Raff. Plus, there’s always fresh coffee and an overflowing candy bowl.

Mariah Mears, Giant Shoulders

Sprout was so easy to work with. They were responsive, helpful, and professional throughout the whole process – from event planning to execution. The space was easy to customize to our needs as chairs, tables, lighting, and AV equipment were readily accessible. Event planning can be a real headache, but partnering with Sprout made our event seamless and simple!

Melissa Salvatore, Citron Hygiene, Regional Sales Manager

I was searching for a meeting place to host 8 Sales Reps on a weekly basis. When I heard about Sprout, I immediately called to find out the membership information. Everything was exactly what we needed.

I’ve been extremely pleased with the atmosphere, cleanliness, friendly members & employees. Stacey is always upbeat and super helpful with all my needs.

The kitchen area is a perk, the coworking area has been just what I needed for interviewing. The conference rooms are very spacious.

I highly recommend Sprout for any business needs!

Hannah Smith, Allegiance Fundraising Group, Group Director Client Services

When I moved to Providence on a whim, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work remotely for my company based in New Hampshire. I knew working from home 5 days a week would not be a good option for me, so I began the search for a place where I could focus on my work, and also meet new people. Sprout was not only the most affordable, comfortable, and convenient option I found, but also the only staffed workspace- a huge plus! As someone who likes the hustle and bustle of an office, the cafe area is perfect for my day-to-day tasks, and the conference room is available as a quiet space for phone calls and meetings. On top of the work getting done at Sprout, I quickly learned that the community at Sprout is like no other, something I did not expect from my search. I signed up as a member at Sprout in March 2018, and quickly told my boss “it’s my favorite thing about my move to Providence.” 10/10 would recommend Sprout to anyone looking to step into the coworking space.

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