Important Factors To Help You Choose A Coworking Space

1. Coworking Spaces Expand Professional Networks

What value should you look for when starting your coworking search? First, community is an important factor in choosing a space. It can lend tremendous value to your growing business or remote work opportunity. As a member of a coworking space you’ll have access to an entire group of like-minded people. These members will also have completely different strengths from yours. Members include entrepreneurs, startups, creative individuals, small business owners & remote workers. 

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." -Chris Grosser

Coworking spaces expand your professional network.

A recent survey revealed that 69% of coworking members learned new skills by interacting with other coworkers. Learn from other members’ successes and failures to create business growth or better tackle a problem by joining a coworking community.

Coworking is a great way to expand your professional network or help you combat unemployment. Other members hold free events that you can attend to pick up new skills. You can network, collaborate, refer your services, and ask for help or advice.

The best way to feel out the community at a particular location is to visit the space. Call to set up a brief tour or attend an open event before making a decision. 

2. Coworking Improves Productivity

Coworking spaces offer minimal distractions and an office environment without the high cost of leasing an office yourself. Cafes and coffee shops are easily noisy and overcrowded. Plus, you may feel guilty and unnecessarily buy food or beverages to claim a table. Home offices can be hard to use because of household chores. Your work environment can either distract you or help you. 

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Coworking environments positively impact the amount of work you can take on and complete. 71% of members reported increased creativity, with 68% reporting better focus and 64% a better ability to complete tasks on time.

Using a coworking space provides quiet seating, plenty of table room to spread out, and printer/copier use. You may choose to rent a private office at a more affordable monthly cost. With a coworking space, everyone is present to work. It adds up to a much more conducive environment for increasing your productivity. Some coworking spaces go further to provide health benefits with standing desk areas and access to fitness gyms. 

Decide which amenities would be most important to your needs. Check out a space’s amenities and seating arrangements before signing on. 

3. Coworking Spaces Create Growth

Lastly, membership pricing models allow room for growth as you do. This varies based on your starting budget and particular needs. You may start out at the entry tier for desk space, but need to move up to 24/7 building access. Conversely, you may start at 24/7 access and find you need a private space. Your needs can change month to month with no long term lease.

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Meet professional contacts and increase the number of ways your business grows by word of mouth. 82% of coworking members have expanded their professional networks with 64% reporting that coworking has become an important source of work and business referrals. 

The community, flexible work environment, networking and amenities are valuable factors in coworking spaces. Environment is everything to increasing the professional feats you can accomplish day by day. There’s appeal to early entrepreneurs as well as late stage companies with access to tiers as business opportunities grow over time.

Check out pricing. Then review what members are saying about a space. Finally, decide how coworking may help you as a valuable return investment in yourself or your company. Join a space today!

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