Why You Should Open a Virtual Branch Office

Signing up for our Local Address membership is an affordable way to open one or two branch offices at just $50 a month, without leaving your computer chair. Local Address includes mail services and provides two business addresses – one in Providence and one in Warren – to use as new office locations for your company or yourself. The virtual membership is billed month-to-month, with no long-term commitment, so you’re free to cancel at any time.

Membership FAQs & Benefits

Branch Office

A Local Address allows you to open a virtual branch office in two Rhode Island locations. List your business name as located at our street addresses in Providence and Warren, RI. Then announce your latest expansion!

You don’t need to include “Sprout CoWorking” when writing your new business address. Use one or both addresses as a new office location on your website, social media, business cards and Google My Business. Avoid people putting your home address into their GPS and coming to your house at all hours.

Using the Address on Google

Here’s an example of how an address will appear after it’s verified in a free Google My Business account: 

Did you know P.O. boxes do not appear as a location on Google? In fact, Google doesn’t allow the use of a P.O. box as a business address because clients can’t physically visit. P.O. boxes can cost around $19 – $75 per month just for mail delivery. A Local Address membership at Sprout CoWorking costs $50 a month for mail delivery and two branch office locations, plus shared reception.

Local and Virtual

Our Local Address membership is for anyone needing a professional business address with mail services. On behalf of our team, we would like to welcome your business to the West Side of Providence and Main Street Warren! Sign up below at one of our Sprout CoWorking centers to start.

Included Benefits:

Mail Services

This service is included in the $50/month pricing. Should you choose to use it that way, mail packages and letter mail will be delivered to a staffed location in Providence and/or Warren. We will receive your mail, sort it, and have it ready whenever you choose to pick it up.

Renting Meeting Rooms

Member discounts on by-the-hour meeting room rentals are included with Local Address. Enjoy discounted rates that offer a savings of $10-$25 per hour. Our nine meeting spaces are popular as off-site meeting locations for companies such as Amica, Hasbro, and CVS.

Shared Reception

Reception is included in all memberships. During staffed hours you’ll get the benefit of an office space with shared reception and a lobby area. If someone walks into a Sprout CoWorking location unexpectedly and asks for you, our staff has you covered. We’ll let them know you’re not in right now, ask to take a message and leave you the information.

Office on Demand

If you’re in the area meeting clients, utilize a workspace daily by purchasing a day pass, or hourly with a meeting room rental. When you find a client who wants to meet in their home location, you can suggest your branch office instead – in Providence or Warren. Check out our other workspace memberships for physical branch office rentals and flexible 24/7 access.