February 2021 Gallery Openings: Juried Art Show / Vincent Castaldi & Ellen Blomgren

In Providence this month:

The Gallery at Sprout Providence (166 Valley St) is presenting Gallery Night Providence’s 2021 Juried Art Show this January, an exhibition of seventy artworks created by members in celebration of Gallery Night’s 25th Anniversary. Gallery Night invited artists from all over the New England region to participate in their annual “Art for Everyone” Juried Show. The exhibition will be open to the public and on display February 1st through March 31st. View the work in-person M-F 9am-12pm, or by appointment.

Three artists in the show will each receive a $250 gift card to Jerry’s Artarama! Gallery Night Providence will award juried prizes – one chosen by the Gallery Night board, one by member artists, and one by the general public. Take a look at the Virtual Gallery and vote for your favorite artwork as the “People’s Choice Award”, including a donation of your choice to support Gallery Night’s mission.

Public voting starts online February 1st and continues through February 25th until the Gallery Night Kick-off where the winners will be announced. Tune in February 25th Live on Facebook from 6:30pm-7:30pm to see who wins!

About Gallery Night Providence:

Gallery Night Providence CREATES exposure to the visual arts for diverse public audiences. Gallery Night CULTIVATES a network of galleries, artists, media outlets, and municipal agencies and strengthens the creative economy in Providence. Gallery Night SUPPORTS access to arts-focused events to build sustainable avenues for multi-generational learning and enrichment. On the third Thursday of every month, from March through November, eighteen of the city’s hottest “art spots” open their doors for a visual arts party.

In Warren this month:

The Gallery at Sprout Warren (489 Main Street) will present an exhibition of figurative paintings and drawings by Vincent Castaldi along with whimsical ceramic sculptures by Ellen Blomgren this February through March 4th. The Gallery is open M/W/F 9am-1pm for viewers to see the work in person or by appointment.

Vincent Castaldi, Artist & Illustrator:

Born and raised in Rhode Island, there has never been a time when Vincent Castaldi was not an artist, following the muse; studying fine art, drawing, pottery. In junior high school he attended Rhode Island School of Design Jr. School Program and later returned to RISD to study fine art, illustration, caricature, children’s illustration and editorial art. In between he worked as a teacher’s assistant and youth art instructor. After graduating, as a participant in the RISD European Honors Program he traveled to Rome where he studied culture and language while continuing to study and practice drawing and painting. As his artistic vision grew and refined, he added layered elements of collage, using his notes, scribbles and sketches as the base element, allowing them to peek out from underneath his pastels like glimpses into his psyche; the heart and inspiration of his art.

From Rome to Boston, and back to Rhode Island, Vincent’s work has developed and elaborated on these techniques with layered figures, and thematic layering as well; whimsy, introspection, longing, liberation, and always striving after beauty.

More of Vincent Castaldi’s artwork can be viewed on his website at https://mixedmediapromo.wixsite.com/vcastaldiart. For sale inquiries, please direct all requests to [email protected].

Ellen Blomgren, Ceramics Sculptor:

Ellen Blomgren is an artist who uses the ceramics medium to tell a story, inspired by a love of wildlife and nature. Her garden creature works interact with the viewer to evoke thought about the earth as our home, animals as our tribe and our accountability to them. 

“When I see pottery from the ancient Aztec ruins, or ceramic tile work from Roman bathhouses, I’m amazed that something so fragile is also very strong. That these works of art made from the very ground we walk on can still be here after thousands of years. The cave men left us some clay sculptures of animals some 30,000 years ago! We’ve learned so much about our history through this medium, and I envision pieces that will ultimately be found by our descendants. It is my hope that my art too, will endure the test of time, and help teach future generations about what is happening on our planet here and now. Clay can be manipulated into almost any shape; we can write in it, color it, give it a life of its own. Once fired, this material has an ability to capture time and place like no other medium. I have no doubt that this is the right way for me to express myself.

My training comes from the age-old method of artist apprenticeship, along with practical experience. I’ve worked alongside many local ceramic artists, in addition, to participating in many classes and workshops, from Water Street Studio in Warren, RI to Castle Hill Center for the Arts in Truro, Ma. Rhode Island School of  Design’s Continuing Education program, To working alongside a local potter in Tzin Tzun Tzan, Mexico! I continue to learn everyday, expanding my education with every experience and opportunity I get. I opened a studio of my own in hopes to gain more knowledge from visiting artists and students alike, and to share all that I’ve learned with anyone who wants to know.”

-Ellen Blomgren

Learn more about Ellen Blomgren’s ceramics and studio on her website at http://www.mudstonestudios.com/portfolio. For sale inquiries, please refer to the price list below and direct all requests to [email protected].

Sprout is in accordance with the Reopening RI guidelines and is protected by Ocean State Shields. Face masks are required for visitors in our galleries. Contact:[email protected] for more information.