January 2021 Gallery Openings: Ed McAloon Sculpture

In Providence this month:

The Gallery at Sprout Providence (166 Valley St) is presenting works by Ed McAloon this January as a window display of eight unique pieces. The special programming is part of Gallery Night’s latest “Take It Outside” project, an offering of outdoor gallery displays across the city of Providence. View the sculpture works by Ed McAloon from outside the Rising Sun Mills complex beginning January 12th and continuing throughout the month of January.

Ed McAloon is a mixed media artist creating works in sculpture, mixed media assemblage, stained glass, and jewelry. Much of his work is related to his physical surroundings and his reaction to current events and the state of the world. For him, creating art is an outlet for the anguish that confronts all of us. Ed may be motivated to create a work in which he must find a medium for expression, or conversely may discover a medium that he needs to find a subject to utilize it for.

While mainly a self taught artist, Ed studied with art educators at RISD when obtaining a certificate in Interior Design. Other glass and metal classes were attended with local artists and at institutions such as RISD and the Steel Yard in Providence. Ed has displayed his work at many Southern New England galleries and museums. These include Newport Art Museum, New Bedford Art Museum, Bristol Art Museum, Imago Gallery, Deblois Gallery among others. His jewelry is featured at various shops in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Materials are a constant fascination for this artist, as his work has encompassed many disparate sources. Early work in traditional stained glass led to experiments with glass fusing and slumping, creating three dimensional glass forms. These forms were integrated into works with others materials such as drift wood and metals. Found and recycled materials are used more extensively in many more recent three dimensional pieces. Metal has become a focus as he strives to direct his work towards more traditional sculpture forms. Edʼs work continues to evolve as his motivation and skills allow him to continue to express himself.

More of Ed McAloon’s artwork can be viewed on his website at www.mcaloonart.com/. For sale inquiries, please refer to the works price list above and direct all requests to [email protected].

Coming Soon:

To celebrate its 25th season, Gallery Night Providence invites artists from all over the New England region to participate in their annual “Art for Everyone” Juried Exhibition. For a 25th anniversary show, Gallery Night Providence will award three juried prizes – one chosen by the Gallery Night board, one by member artists, and one by the general public. Works selected for the show will be displayed at The Gallery at Sprout Providence, with public voting commencing February 1st. The Juried Exhibition will run February 1st through March 31st. Stay tuned for more details.

In Warren this month:

The Gallery at Sprout Warren (489 Main Street) is continuing to present an exhibition of works by Vera Gierke during the month of January. The Gallery is open M/W/F 9am-1pm for viewers in person or by appointment. To learn more about Vera Gierke’s work, please read the December blog about her collages for sale.

Sprout is in accordance with the Reopening RI guidelines and is protected by Ocean State Shields. Face masks are required for visitors in our galleries. Contact:[email protected] for more information.