Why Coworking Offices are Better than a Traditional Rental Lease

Ditch the lease and go with coworking for an easier office rental experience, however long you need workspace for. Coworking is a better option in terms of growth, flexibility and less up-front cost. Learn more about how utilizing a coworking membership in lieu of a traditional office lease saves money and provides a better foundation for your work life.

More Affordability

Hot Desk membership is a great option for sole practitioners and remote workers. It’s less expensive as an employer to provide office space at Sprout CoWorking than to rent an office for all employees. One office membership at $200/month provides access Sprout CoWorking’s Providence location, increasing your business presence and workspace options. Office members at any tier can use Sprout CoWorking for 24/7 work and meeting space. Month-to-month memberships range from $200-$1750, or there is a $100/day rental option. Parking is free and free coffee is always available in the kitchen.

Members can start at the lowest monthly price and scale up as they grow. For example an individual may start as a Hot Desk member for $200/month, introduce team members and scale up to a $650/m Open Office any time. If you’re not sure how your business will grow in the future, the option is there to join at a lower membership price and switch to a larger room later on without changing locations. Plus, there’s no security deposit needed for any of our office memberships.

Office Style: Hot Desk Membership

·$200/m per team member
·Flexible work areas and 24/7 access to coworking location
·15 hours of free meeting room use included

Important Business Presence and Resources

Semi-Private and Private Office membership at Sprout Providence provides an all-encompassing 12,000 sqft of workspace in addition to an office space. All of our office solutions provide 10-30 hours of free meeting room hours, a Rhode Island business address for use on Google, and a suite of amenities like Ocean State Shield’s antimicrobial surface treatments, high speed WiFi and ethernet already installed. Our location is wheelchair accessible and includes a gym in the building.

Shared costs meet the demand of a small business or remote worker with concern for boosted productivity and cost effectiveness. Members have access to meeting rooms and conference centers, multiple open workspace areas and free print/copy. Our shared reception area doubles as a welcoming art gallery for visitors and a mailroom for letter or package pickup. Meeting and training rooms are available 24/7 for yourself or your team to utilize. Sign up online or visit in-person to increase your business presence with any Sprout CoWorking office solution.

Office Style:
Semi-Private Office Membership

(Brown/Blue Workspace)
·$450-$650/m for 1-2 team members
·a dedicated desk with lockable storage
·Flexible work areas and 24/7 access to coworking location
·20-25 hours of free meeting room time

More Flexibility On Demand

Flexibility is built right into the layout of the entire space. You might work from your Private Office one day, book the conference center and offer company-wide training the next. The open Hot Desk workspace is a place for informal meetings and collaborations or where you can meet members. The on-site bike path in Providence is great for your lunch breaks and meeting for a walk. Personalize the office space and make it work for your needs.

Coworking office memberships work particularly well for companies downsizing or just making the switch to a partially remote workplace. Coworking is an option to consider if you’re looking for more affordable office space that may be canceled anytime on a month-to-month basis. Furniture, all utilities and internet setup are included, making it much smoother to move in or out. Everything you need to jump in and get down to work is ready before you join. The biggest difference from a lease is that membership doesn’t demand time commitment.

Office Style: Private Office Membership

·$450-$1750/m for individuals and large to small teams
·turnkey private office space
·Flexible work areas and 24/7 access to coworking location
·30 hours of free meeting room time included

Find a Solution That Works

Save time and money on office solutions over the traditional lease – including more resources and less commitment. Coworking spaces like Sprout provide pre-furnished areas and rooms tailored to the typical needs of small businesses, remote workers, startups and other freelancers or sole practitioners. The shared emphasis is focused on running a business for businesses, with supplemental resources as the highlight.

Coworking Benefits

Located at Rising Sun Mills, Sprout CoWorking Providence is on scenic grounds with a picnic area and bike path accessible directly from the parking lot – great views in all seasons!

Discover what’s in the neighborhood and sprout your unique work day with coworking. Whether you’re here for a day pass or as a monthly member, these are the local spots you’ll want to see:

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