March 2022 Gallery Openings: Eveline Luppi’s Dual Retrospective

In Providence and Warren this February & March:

Sprout Warren, 489 Main St, Warren, RI
On view February 7- March 31
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9AM – 1PM
Opening Reception on Sunday, March 6th from 2 – 5PM
Sprout Providence, 166 Valley St, Bldg 6M, Ste 103, Providence, RI
On view February 7 – March 31
Hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 3PM
Opening Reception on Thursday, March 17th from 5 – 8PM 

Eveline Luppi: Retrospective – 3 Decades

Kaleidoscope 08, From the Kaleidoscope painting series.

The Gallery at Sprout CoWorking is pleased to present Eveline Luppi: Retrospective – 3 Decades, an exhibition featuring works that span the past thirty years of Eveline Luppi’s career. The presentation includes paintings showcasing both the evolution and variety of her body of work, the range of techniques (abstract, iconic, geometric) that the artist has engaged with, in her interpretation of the experiences and patterns of life and the world. 

Retrospective – 3 Decades will be on view from February 7 to March 31, 2022 in the Galleries at Sprout CoWorking Providence (166 Valley St. Bldg 6M, Suite 103, Providence RI) and Sprout Warren (489 Main St. Warren RI).

Luppi, who was born and raised in Pawtucket, RI and presently maintains a studio there, has long been deeply involved in both the Rhode Island and Manhattan art scenes. She studied for many years at the Art Students League in New York City, where her teachers, mentors and friends included the nationally known artists Knox Martin, Larry Poons, and William Scharf. Since 1990, Luppi has exhibited in multiple venues across the country, including Manhattan, Rhode Island, Provincetown/Cape Cod, Art Basel/Miami and many other places. 

The present exhibition shows paintings from her private collection, and give example of her original foundational techniques, her experimental processes with oil and acrylic paints, her deeply executed technique, her use of color, line and composition spanning abstract, iconic and her-geometric signature style.  

Eveline Luppi mixing heavy-bodied acrylic paints on a palette at her studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

3 Decades of Painting, 2 Openings, 1 Artist!

This dual exhibition will be open to the public in Providence Monday through Friday 9am-3pm and Mon/Wed/Friday from 9am-1pm in Warren. Contact [email protected] for any questions or to make a viewing appointment. Please join us for two upcoming opening receptions: “A Retrospective – Focus on Line” in Warren on Sunday March 6th 2-5pm, and “A Retrospective – Focus on Color” opening in Providence Thursday March 17th 5-8pm for Gallery Night Providence. The openings are free to attend and will be the first Gallery shows at Sprout CoWorking locations for the 2022 season! Register via Eventbrite to attend both receptions for the abstract painting retrospective as it pertains to colorfields, line movement and kinetic movement at the link here.

Pictured below is “Red Cardinal”, an Early Work by Eveline Luppi. You can learn more about the artist at or call +1 (646) 468-2000 to inquire about purchasing artwork.

Sprout is in accordance with the Reopening RI guidelines and is protected by Ocean State Shields. Contact: [email protected] for more information.

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Red Cardinal, An Early Work