June 2022 Gallery Opening: Michael DiQuinzio

In Providence this June:

The June Show at The Gallery at Sprout CoWorking (166 Valley St) will feature Michael DiQuinzio in a solo show called “A Bit of Joy” dedicated to his Dad who recently passed away.

Michael is a native Rhode Islander with a child-like spark and a passion for humanity. His friends describe him as a silly person. He grew up coloring inside the line, with a need for organization and control. After a slew of anxiety attacks, his husband suggested he start painting. Now, 6 years and 500 pieces later, he’s discovered that bringing smiles to others through his art is very gratifying and calming.

In addition to Michael DiQuinzio’s paintings, artist Eran Fraenkel will have an artwork on display and will be leading a Puzlkind Jigsaw Happy Hour, a virtual event!, live on Thursday June 23rd at 8pm (instructions down below).

Gallery Night Providence June 16th:

Gallery Night Providence is back on the Third Thursday of the Month. Please join us at Sprout CoWorking Providence on Thursday June 16th 5-8pm for an opening celebration of Michael DiQuinzio’s paintings, artwork by Eran Fraenkel and Puzlkind co-creator Sarah Jane Lapp. We will have a set up for Puzlekind to give folks a chance to experience this fun game. All are welcome to stop in to the Gallery at Sprout Providence anytime between 5-8pm on June 16th to enjoy the artwork, wine and appetizers.

If you’d prefer a guided tour experience, free guided Gallery Night trolley tours will be available to visit multiple galleries throughout Providence with the Gallery at Sprout as a stop on the itinerary. We hope to see you there!

About the artists:

Michael DiQuinzio

Having been a hairstylist for over 21 years, and a professional photographer for the last 14 years, Michael has found his true voice through painting. This is his 5th art show. Through his work you enter his subconscious. A world of escape. A world of color. A world of discovery. A feeling of home. These works reflect inspiration from daily life. Learn from Michael DiQuinzio and never be afraid to try something new! 

The Gallery at Sprout Providence will be open to the public to see the artwork in-person weekdays from 9am to 3pm, or by appointment. The exhibition will be on view June 7th-29th. To learn more about the artist, visit https://www.michaeljdiquinzio.com.

Eran Franekel

Jerusalem-born Eran Fraenkel is a self-taught artist who moved to Providence in 2016 after 22 years living and working in Macedonia, Brussels, Jakarta, and Barcelona. A life-long musician, Eran responds to the aural and visible world to create visual rhythm, tempo, and harmony. In Indonesia, Eran was inspired by the ubiquitous presence of oceans and his experiences underwater; by Java’s vibrant batik patterns; and by the sounds of Javanese gamelan. His Barcelona pieces juxtapose the aesthetics of Catalan modernisme and vestiges of the region’s Moorish past.

Eran’s pen-and-ink pieces reflect his fascination with Islamic arts and Arabic calligraphy. Eran has worked primarily with acrylics, inks, and pencils, but since moving to Providence he has begun to use alcohol inks and to make resin pours. As a way of increasing his understanding of three-dimensionality, prior to Covid, Eran was studying glassblowing with Gather Glass in Providence. Since the onset of the pandemic, Eran has been learning his mother’s family’s home language: Persian. In collaboration with his teacher, he has been creating pen and ink drawings which include hand-calligraphed verses that capture the essence of famous verses of Classical Farsi poetry.

Eran is an ex-officio board member of the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative and of Providence Gallery Night; and is an Elected Artist of Art League Rhode Island. The range of Eran’s art may be seen on Instagram. For further information or inquiries, please contact: [email protected].

About Puzlkind

Puzlkind Jigsaw Puzzles provides an art-filled sanctuary for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts to connect and reflect with one another at a virtual puzzle table. This carefully curated multi-player app was made with love by Mike Ferrier and Sarah Jane Lapp, a game developer and a visual artist who often puzzled together at SJL’s in-person touring puzzle table Peace by Piece with Pie.

They built this app during a certain pandemic…


1. Download free app Puzlkind Jigsaw Puzzles

2. Give app audio & mic permission so you can hear yourself and others talk


If using iPhone:

Turn OFF Do not Disturb/Focus mode

If using Bluetooth:

Sometimes does not play well with Puzlkind audio 

3. You will be instructed to create a screen name for yourself…

4. You will then be presented with a menu.

On Thursday, June 23rd at 8pm ET you will a red button pop up on the menu


Sprout is in accordance with the Reopening RI guidelines and is protected by Ocean State Shields. Contact: [email protected] for more information.