Does Art Increase Productivity?

Does Art Increase Productivity?

art and productivity

What does art have to do with productivity? Apparently quite a lot, as research demonstrates.

The very definition of art tends to answer that question. “Art is a diverse range of human activity, and resulting product, that involves creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas.”

The common threads between art and productivity include creativeness, imagination, skill, proficiency, emotion and conceptional ideas. When viewed through this lens, the relationship between art and productivity becomes clear.

Art has a significant influence on the aesthetics and ambiance of any office space. Being surrounded by art has been shown to improve people’s moods and reduce stress, as well as provide higher levels of well-being and… satisfaction.”

Additionally, a study conducted by Exeter University found that employees working in environments with art were 17% more productive than those without art.

Is it important to change office art? In a blog published by TurningArt, the author reveals that “Art rotation provides a unique opportunity to keep spaces fresh and adaptable to new trends…”. Again, if we are looking at the impact of art on productivity, it’s clear that changing what a person sees will often also provide a new perspective, which in turn will likely enhance productivity.

One advantage that Sprout CoWorking has over any of its competitors is that Sprout is a workspace that doubles as an art gallery. And the art changes every month. This not only provides a frequent, new source for inspiration and productivity, but it affords local artists a unique venue to display and sell their work. Sprout also provides the local community with an art gallery of their own.

Finally, having art in the office encourages conversations and interactions, which are particularly important for people who take advantage of shared workspaces.

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