To Office

To Office

To Office

We’ve all seen pictures of people on social media, their legs stretched out at the beach, gazing at their laptop through sunglasses with the message: “my office for today.” It grabs your attention, but for those who have tried something similar, it’s eminently impractical. Sand, saltwater, and the hot sun are not good companions for your laptop. Not to mention the distractions.

If you’re a professional photographer hired to take photos of surfboards, well then yes, that’s your office for the day. But for the rest of us, it just isn’t.

The word “office” is now commonly used as a verb, i.e., “to office,” as in the ability to work from anywhere, taking your office with you. It’s a nice idea; but, to truly “office,” you need a viable work environment that not only eliminates distractions, but also offers the resources you need to be efficient and create high-quality work.

The best way to effectively “office” is put yourself in an environment designed specifically for success with other motivated, business-oriented professionals. Working at the beach, seeing others playing in the water, and relaxing on their beach blankets, won’t get our job done.

If you want to “office” successfully, you need a dependable, secure high-speed internet connection, a comfortable environment, the ability to focus, and coffee. Preferably free coffee. A subtle, non-intrusive, creative atmosphere is a plus.

Sprout CoWorking offers all these, as well as free parking, traditional office resources such as print, copy, and scan capabilities (at no charge), private conference and meeting rooms, and even a fully outfitted special training room. And free coffee.

If you would like to find out how to “office” with us, get started by taking a tour. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE a tour at your convenience.