Change Your Environment, Change Your Perspective, Change Your World

Change Your Environment, Change Your Perspective, Change Your World

Change Your Environment, Change Your Perspective, Change Your World


Why should you leave your comfy home office? You’ve pretty much got everything you need right at hand. You may have a favorite chair and the kitchen nearby. You’re in perfectly familiar surroundings and very comfortable.

However, that’s exactly the problem. When everything is the same day after day–what you see, touch, smell, and hear–your senses become dull. Your creativity is sapped. Familiarity can also cause an entrenchment of conventional thinking, further stifling creativity.

Human brains are wired to seek novelty and variety. Routine and monotony in our business environment often results in ever increasing diminishing returns, especially in cognitive engagement. Changing your environment can facilitate the absorption of information and encourage the brain to approach problems from different angles, fueling creative thinking.

When subjected to new surroundings, your brain is compelled to process unfamiliar stimuli, triggering a heightened state of awareness. This encourages your brain to engage multiple neural pathways. This, in turn, leads to improved memory retention and the formation of new connections between seemingly discordant ideas.

If you find yourself suffering from mental block, a simple change in environment can result in a change in mindset. Changing your environment is a potent catalyst for enhancing learning and creativity. Your brain thrives on novelty and adaptability. Both of these are facilitated by exposure to new surroundings.

If you are ready to re-charge your creativity and change your mindset by finding a new business environment, be careful about the place you choose. Not all options will provide the positive benefits that you seek.

Changing your environment by adding the meeting rooms at Sprout CoWorking to your regular routine can spark a cascade of cognitive and emotional benefits that can produce profound effects on your productivity and creativity.

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