September 2023 Mike L, Al Bates and Eran Fraenkel

September 2023 Mike L, Al Bates and Eran Fraenkel

For the Month of September Sprout will showcase these 3 individual artists:

Mike L

Hidden Holes Pallet One
Circle Art has a long historical tradition. Mandala’s, meaning “Sacred Circles” in Sanskrit, are geometric patterns, spiritual to both Buddhists and Hindus. Native Americans use Medicine Wheels, also circular and ancient, for meditation and rituals. In Western Civilization, a Tondo is a Circular Art form originating in Renaissance times. In all cases Circle Art symbolizes harmony, unity and the interconnectedness of life. Mike L. brings Circle Art to the digital age with a unique photographic technique.
Each photo is a picture of a hole hidden in plain sight: simply a picture taken from one end of a tube towards the other, using everyday tubes such as a straw or paper towel roll. Just as throughout history, these images draw a viewer down a MEDITATIVE path, calming while uplifting and reflective. Seemingly abstract, the site path is not static. It progresses and digresses, has an inside and an outside. It moves forward and back, to and from a circle with a clear focal point at the beginning and ending, like life.
Some artists have no discernable, formal art background or art experience. Mike L, in retirement after decades in construction, fits that description. He’s found that, as a new and emerging artist at the age of 68, art is not that different from engineering. Both require creativity, imaginative thinking, and innovative design and techniques. Tubular Circle Arts™ – Hidden Holes is the start of Mike L’s art journey.

Al Bates

Al Bates Artist
Al Bates Lombard is a trained computational mathematician turned homeschool parent who is now a textile artist. They’ve been exploring fiber art for the last four years and enjoy experimenting with different textile dyeing processes. They explore their topics through journaling, poetry writing, and then textiles. More information can be found at their website

Eran Fraenkel

Eran Frankel Artist
Jerusalem-born Eran Fraenkel is a self-taught artist. A life-long musician, Eran responds to the aural and visible world to create visual rhythm, tempo, and harmony. In Indonesia, Eran was inspired by the ubiquitous presence of oceans and his experiences underwater; by Java’s vibrant batik patterns; and by the sounds of Javanese gamelan. Eran’s pen-and-ink pieces reflect his fascination with Islamic arts and Arabic calligraphy. Eran has worked primarily with acrylics, inks, and pencils. Eran has been learning his mother’s family’s home language: Persian. In collaboration with his teacher, he has been creating pen and ink drawings which include hand-calligraphed verses that capture the essence of famous verses of Classical Farsi poetry.