benefits of coworking

With Halloween here, you’ve probably seen multiple ads for Halloween themed entertainment.

What do the characters in a scary movie, a frightening television show, or a chilling book all have in common? They are alone. And they do something stupid. Either they go down into the dark, dank basement alone, climb the ladder to the attic where they just heard something shuffling about, or go out to the barn where all the rusting, sharp implements are hanging. Alone.

Being alone isn’t good for us. Humans are social creatures. We have evolved because we have gathered in groups for support, safety, and to share resources. We depend on others with different skills, and they depend on us for the unique talents that we bring to the mix.

Being alone is detrimental to our emotional well-being. Human connections and social interactions are an integral component of our over-all mental health. Being alone for too long contributes to feeling of sadness, depression, and anxiety.

To feel good about ourselves, it’s important to have and maintain relationships as well as recognize our social status. Without these types of interactions, we start to doubt our own worth.

Working at home, alone, can be a trick or treat experience. Some days it’s a real treat to sleep late, keep the car in the driveway, and slow-sip your first coffee. Other days, it’s an unpleasant trick. You’re out of coffee, the printer is out of ink, and the internet is down.

This is where the right mix of work from home and the coworking experience comes in.

Some days you’ll want to work from home. For those days, Sprout CoWorking has a “Work From Home” membership which provides the support you need. At other times, when you crave the company of others, Sprout CoWorking has several onsite membership options to choose from. And when you need to meet with several clients at once, hold a training session, or even an event, we have the facilities ready and waiting.

Having a home office doesn’t have to be scary. You should be able to enjoy all the treats that it offers, without falling prey to any of the tricks.

Schedule a tour today, have a cup of coffee, and see how adding Sprout CoWorking into the mix will make all the difference. Who knows, you might even score a little candy at the reception desk.