Forget the Spa Day – Schedule a Sprout Day

Forget the Spa Day – Schedule a Sprout Day

Forget the Spa Day - Schedule a Sprout Day

Spas are great – a treat for yourself. A rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. Whether you indulge in massage, aromatherapy, facials, full-body wraps, hot stone treatments, or any combination thereof, when you walk out, you’re certainly feeling a lot better than when you when in. It’s all about self-care.

However, have you ever thought about treating your business to a “spa day”?

Let me explain. For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, the home office is where it’s at. Day after day, sitting at the same desk, staring at the same décor. Even the best home office can get a little un-inspiring over time. Your thinking slips into a rut without you even knowing it. One day bleeds into the next and the new ideas just don’t seem to be coming.

If you find yourself in this predicament, it’s time to give your business a little self-care. Schedule a spa day, or in this case, a “Sprout Day”.

Spas are intended to reduce stress. So are we. Our monthly rotating artwork is designed to engage the visual senses in a way that promotes relaxation and stimulating your creativity.

A day at the spa is calculated to enhance a sense of well-being. So is a Sprout Day. What better way to boost your self-esteem that accomplishing that task that you’ve been struggling with? A Sprout Day will allow you to avoid the daily distractions of your home office and put your mind in a space where the new ideas flow and the old worries melt away.

Not all distractions are bad. Sometimes they work to jump-start out thoughts by allowing our ideas to simmer on our mental back burner until they’re ready. A Sprout Day could include a game of pool, a quick work-out in our onsite exercise room, a thought-promoting tour of our monthly art exhibit, a quick bike ride on the Donigian Park Bikeway or a stroll alone the Woonasquatucker River, both right in our backyard. Then back inside, grab a cup of coffee (always free), and let the magic happen.

Spa days are great for our physical well-being, but a Sprout Day is great for the well-being of your business. Take a tour, check us out, and schedule your Sprout Day today!