Get Out of Your Rut – With Sprout!

Get Out of Your Rut – With Sprout!


Get Out of your Rut with Sprout CoWorking
Are we in a rut, or is it a routine? Although they are related in concept, they are vastly different in temperament and outcome.

We find comfort in routines. Unfortunately, we may also find comfort in ruts. How do we know if we’re in a rut, or a routine?

Working in a home office can easily facilitate sliding into ruts without us even realizing it. Notice I said “sliding” rather than “falling”. Usually, if we take a fall, we feel it, physically or emotionally. However, if we gradually slide into something, we don’t even notice it. Sliding into a rut when working at home happens bit by bit. We gradually become mired in unproductive habits. The quick morning cup of coffee turns into two or three cups while catching up on the news. That brief glance at Facebook becomes thirty minutes of watching reels. Little by little our morning steadily drips away and before we know it, it’s time to break for lunch.

Ruts are hard to escape. The deeper the rut, the more difficult it is to climb out. If we’ve been in the rut long enough, when we try to extricate ourselves, we often just slide back in. Eventually, the effort wears us down, and we end up staying where we are.

We find ourselves feeling stagnant, or in a monotonous and unfulfilling cycle of activities or behaviors. We lack enthusiasm, motivation, or any sense of progress.

Worst, we develop a sense of complacency, where frustration, boredom, and dissatisfaction are the norm.

One of the best ways to get out of a rut is to establish a new routine and stick to it. A routine has some similarities to a rut, in that we have a set of regular activities or habits that we follow consistently. However, one big difference is that routine activities or habits are intentional and done with purpose.

Not only that, but routines provide structure, stability, and organization where before all we had was stagnation. Rather than restricting growth, routines provide the environment that allows for increased productivity, better time management, and meaningful progress.

One of the best routines you can establish immediately is to get yourself over to Sprout CoWorking. Break out of your home office rut with a fresh perspective, a creative and energetic environment, and of course, free coffee. However, you want to work, Sprout has the right option to fit your needs: Hot desk, café membership, dedicated cubicles, private offices, and of course the meeting and event spaces for client consultations and gatherings.

Take a tour, pick the options that suit you best and re-ignite your passion for work. If you’re deep in a rut, you’ll never be able to see how great your future can be. So, climb out and join us. You’ll like the view.