Can CoWorking Increase Revenue? YES!

Can CoWorking Increase Revenue? YES!

Coworking Increase Revenue
How exactly does that work? Glad you asked.

Ever since the pandemic up ended the status quo and changed the definition of “work”, the business community has been attempting to sort through the detritus to find the new status quo. A few years of data are now available, and answers to the question “what comes next” are starting to emerge. And it seems like coworking options are part of the mix.

A recent report by Scoop, a hybrid work management startup, has tracked revenue growth at 554 public companies. The report finds that companies that offer employees a choice of whether to commute to the office or commit to another option (such as Sprout CoWorking) outperformed the revenue growth of their more restrictive (in-office) competitors by 16%.

Although more data is needed for definite confirmation, the facts at least suggest that flexible work policies do lead to increased revenue growth. As Nicholas Bloom, an economist and professor at Stanford University and an advisor to Scoop, states: “If I’m reading this (study) as a manager, the interpretation is pretty (clear). Flexible employment practices are going to help support growth.”

Forbes, reporting on the same study, quotes: “The report shows that the three-year industry-adjusted revenue growth rate of companies that have what Scoop calls a “fully flexible” policy—meaning they allow employees or teams to choose when or whether they come to the office, or are fully remote—is 21%. “

At Sprout CoWorking, we think that we are positioned exactly where we need to be to support you and your personnel. If your employees balk at the grind of a daily compute, parking hassles, and the stale traditional office, we have the right prescription to cure those aliments. These include flexible work choices (café membership, hot desks, dedicated open offices, or private offices), a dynamic, creative, and inspiring art gallery, a professional, cooperative environment, hassle -free parking (and free coffee), as well as other amenities.

Sound like a solid plan? Schedule a tour and join the ranks of the new work. You and your staff will love it.