How CoWorking Can Help With New Year’s Resolutions

How CoWorking Can Help With New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s common to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s even more common for those pledges to go by the wayside. In fact, 50% are broken before the month is even half over. A full 95% don’t survive into February.

As the year grows to a close, we often reflect on what we accomplished, and even more so on what we didn’t. But, as New York Jets fans say, “Next year will be different.” Our optimism flies in the face of past evidence. Yet somehow most of us tend to fall into the same trap year after year. What are the reasons behind this?

One of the prime problems is that we allow our optimism to get the best of our judgment and we think too big. We promise ourselves that we will make huge, sweeping, or life-alternating changes. But without a plan or the resources to accomplish it, when the first obstacle is put in our path, we walk away.

Experts also explain that we tend to procrastinate, which is the death knell of any resolution. We often lack the necessary discipline or game plan, and we tend to go it alone.

If you want those resolutions to really take root, coworking should be a big part of your plan. Here’s why.

Resources. Nothing will stop you in your tracks quicker than a lack of proper resources. Without them, you’re forced to stop, which halts any momentum you may have had. It pushes even the smallest victory out of reach and then procrastination does the rest.

Discipline. One of the keys to discipline is doing something in a new or unique way. When we do the same thing every day, sit in the same home office, surrounded by the familiar, there’s little chance of that creative spark we need to push us onto a different path. Going to a professional coworking space, meeting diverse people, and being exposed to a creative atmosphere (like the Sprout Art Gallery) will keep those resolutions front and center.

Community. CoWorking, when done right, provides a supportive community of professionals, from a wide variety of disciplines. Unlike the average office, where most of the people are doing similar tasks, coworking exposes you to a remarkable diversity of ideas, talent, and expertise. Simple coffee-break conversations or gathering for (Sprout’s) weekly socials affords the opportunity to meet other out-of-the-box thinkers who will often trigger new ideas that you would never have realized sitting at home.

Resources. Discipline. Community. Three keys to make your New Year’s Resolutions sprout and grow. And there is no better place to start than Sprout CoWorking.