CoWorking Could Save Your Life

CoWorking Could Save Your Life

Benefits of CoWorking

There is a critical paradox occurring nation-wide that is only now getting some attention. This is the fact that the more connected we get, the more isolated we feel. Although we are capable of nearly instantaneous and constant communication, research reveals that there is a pandemic of loneliness that is only getting worse.

As reported in Project UnLonely, loneliness affects more than one-third of American adults. Health risks associated with loneliness and social isolation are comparable to the dangers of smoking and obesity, increasing mortality risk by up to 30%. Social isolation increases mortality risk by 29%.

Loneliness has adverse effects on mental health, including worsening depression, reduced feelings of self-worth, anxiety, mood disorders, and amplifying cognitive decline.

Surprisingly, research indicates that internet and social media engagement exacerbate feeling of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Lacking encouragement from friends, family, or coworkers may also allow us to slide into unhealthy habits.

If we are more connected than ever, why is loneliness on the rise? Because the so-called “connections” are merely superficial. In social media, your “friends’” postings are carefully curated, focused on sharing only their achievements and the glamorous parts of their lives.

Coworking offers many benefits. It can help make you more productive, creative, and save you money. And another major benefit of coworking is community; the opportunity to belong to a community of professional, like-minded people. This in turn reduces loneliness and allows you to establish meaningful connections and associations. Studies show that seemingly irrelevant interactions and conversations heighten our sense of happiness and belonging.

Additionally, coworking gives us the chance to break out of our comfort zones as we meet new people. Research shows that moving out of our comfort zone accords us new perspectives that often fuel innovation.

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